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Looking for artificial grass Baldivis? Looks Like Grass, provides the best & affordable artificial grass in Baldivis. Along with providing artificial turf we also provide artificial grass installation in Baldivis. Based out of Secret Harbour, Western Australia, Looks Like Grass is well-known for artificial grass supply & installation in Baldivis.

Ever since 2012, we have been dedicating our services towards installing synthetic turf or artificial grass in the suburban areas around Baldivis and we are proud to say that over this period we have served many a satisfied customer in areas like Baldivis, Wellard, Rockingham, and other surrounding areas.

Types Of Artificial Grass In Baldivis We Offer

Royal 35 Artificial Turf

This artificial turf in Baldivis is very popular among our customers and for very good reasons. This artificial lawn Baldivis is extremely natural-looking and is perfect for installation both in large and small areas.One of the prime reasons for which artificial grass Baldivis is popular among our customers is that it has a long brown hatch which renders it the natural look that makes it seem even more realistic. Also, the artificial grass cost Baldivis for this product is immensely cost-efficient as we provide the best rates in the market.

royal 35 artificial turf in baldivis
artificial grass

Putting Greens Synthetic Turf In Baldivis

Our Putting Green turf is a non directional, short pile grass. It’s ideal for golf putting greens of all sizes from the golf club to the back yard putting green. You can even surround your green with one of our long pile grasses to provide a fairway effect.

Ultimate 35mm

Ultimate 35mm is our new generation 6 tone synthetic turf. It has a combination of Emerald W blades & Olive S blades, Matt Emerald and Light yellow Monofilament narrow fibre, along with a green and yellow curl/thatch. It is a very thick high density turf. Ideal for any environment from front yards, back yards, pool areas to kids play areas

synthetic grass

Process of Artificial Grass Installation Baldivis

If you have chosen the artificial turf and are looking for artificial grass installation in Baldivis, then here you can learn the process we follow. We follow the process that is not just scientific but also cost-effective. Following the process we have explained below you can expect longer durability and low maintenance for your synthetic turf Baldivis.

  • Earthworks

The very first step that we take to install artificial lawn Baldivis is to remove any existing natural grass and excess sand to a depth of about 100mm.

  • Preparation Of The Base

In this step, we prepare the base for the installation of artificial turf. We do this by laying the artificial turf on a 75-85mm cracker dust base. For high traffic areas, we use 60-65mm road base and 20mm cracker dust base.

  • Laying The Artificial Turf

 This is the part where we begin to install artificial grass Baldivis. We do this by laying the turf panels followed by trimming the turf around the edges. The turf is then joined by rolling it backwards and placing the synthetic turf joining tape underneath. The turf is then rolled back down to the joining tape.

Ensuring that there is no gap and there are no trapped grass fibres on the tape, we proceed to run a turf seam roller over the joint.

  • Installation Of Synthetic Turf Pins

In this step, we install 150mm turf pins at every 400mm intervals around the edges and along the joints. We also put them at every sq. metre throughout the turf to minimize any chance of shrinkage.

  • Application Of Silica Sand

As per the manufacturer’s recommendation, we then apply 10 kg per sq. a metre of kiln-dried silica sand. We use drop spreader which provides an even layer of sand.

  • Brushing In The Silica Sand

Here we brush the sand sown to the bottom of the synthetic grass fibres so that the artificial turf gets a natural feel underfoot.

Moreover, the sand also helps in weighing the turf down, helping the turf fibres stay upright. We even use a power broom to brush in the sand to fluff up the turf.

To Install Artificial Grass In Baldivis Why Choose Us

  • If you ask what we are known for, then the answer is simple!! We are known for our ability to provide the best quality synthetic turf  Baldivis.
  • We provide our services in a friendly, honest, and reliable way, a trait that has helped us in gaining more and more customers over the years.
  • We install artificial grass in Baldivis by using the best equipment and tools for the job. We provide the best artificial installations in the market coupled with total customer satisfaction. And we provide these services to both residential and commercial customers.
  • Continuing with the above point, we pay close attention to the tools that we use. We keep them up to date and maintain them in the best possible condition so that we can give our customers the best results.
  • One reason why our artificial lawn installation Baldivis services have been so successful is that we only use the best quality material for the installation process without cutting any corners. We are adept at installing synthetic grass anywhere in the property, be it in the front yards, pools, and even over concrete and paving.
  • All of our artificial turf products are 100% safe, non-toxic, and lead-free. Not only that, but we also guarantee that our synthetic lawn Baldivis will create a beautiful environment where you can live happily.

Contact for Artificial Grass Cost, Price or Quote In Baldivis

If you have any enquiries about the cost of artificial grass in Baldivis or want to get a free artificial grass installation quote in Baldivis, then either you can call us on 0451 041 479 or email us on on or simply fill out the contact form. So, if all this information sounds reasonable to you and if you are planning artificial grass installation Baldivis then contact us today. We will be more than happy to be of service to you!

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