Detail Process


The first step we take to install fake grass is the removal of existing natural grass and excess sand to a depth of 100mm.

Base Preparation

The second step usually is we lay our artificial turf on a 75 – 80mm cracker dust base or for high traffic areas we use 60-65mm Road base and 20mm cracker dust base. The base material is screeded and compacted.

Artificial Turf Laying

After base preparation, we lay artificial turf panels on the work area and then the synthetic turf is carefully trimmed around the edges. The turf is then joined by rolling the turf back and placing synthetic turf joining tape underneath. The turf is rolled back down onto the joining tape. Then ensuring there is no […]

Installation of Synthetic Turf Pins

We then install 150mm turf pins every 400mm around edges and along joins as well as putting them every sqm throughout the turf area as per manufacturers specifications to minimize any shrinkage.

Application of Silica Sand

We then apply 10 kg per sqm of kiln-dried silica sand as manufacturers recommendation. Many of our competitors use white washed sand from local garden suppliers which is inferior and cheaper. We use a drop spreader designed for this to give an even layer of sand. Most of our competitors just throw it on with […]

Brushing in the Silica Sand

The next step is to brush the sand down to the bottom of the synthetic grass fibres to give the artificial turf a natural feel underfoot, the sand also weighs the turf down and helps the turf fibres stay upright. We have a power broom (lawn groomer) to brush in the sand and fluff up […]

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